Annual report pursuant to Section 13 and 15(d)

Other Assets (Details)

Other Assets (Details) - USD ($)
$ in Thousands
Dec. 31, 2017
Dec. 31, 2016
Other assets $ 1,839 $ 1,905
Less: current portion [1] (275) (275)
Other assets, non-current 1,564 1,630
Alameda Security Deposit [Member]    
Other assets [1] 321 597
CD For Green Bank Collateral Security [Member]    
Other assets [2] 1,019 1,012
Nevada Sales And Use Tax Deposit [Member]    
Other assets 49 49
Facility Closure Trust Deposit [Member]    
Other assets [3] 450 100
Various Other Assets [Member]    
Other assets $ 147
[1] The lease deposit related to the Alameda headquarters is being released over time: $275,000 was released in June 2017 and $275,000 will be released in June 2018; the remainder will be released at the end of the lease term. The current portion is included in prepaid expenses and other current assets in the consolidated balance sheet.
[2] The $1.0 million certificate of deposit is held by Green Bank as collateral for the Green Bank note payable balance. The deposit with Green Bank will be released after TRIC has three consecutive months of positive cash flow from operations.
[3] The Company has entered into a Facility Closure Trust Agreement for the benefit of the Nevada Division of Conservation and Natural Resources (NDEP). Funds deposited in the Trust are to be available when and if needed, for closure and/or post-closure care of the facility related to potential decontamination and hazardous material cleanup. The Trustee will reimburse the Company or other persons as specified by the NDEP from the fund for closure and post-closure expenditures in such amounts as the NDEP shall direct in writing. In addition, the Trustee shall refund to the Company such amounts as the NDEP specifies in writing. $100,000 was deposited upon establishment of the Trust Fund, on October 31, 2016; $350,000 was deposited on October 31, 2017; and $220,000 will be due on October 31, 2018.