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Aqua Metals Appoints Steve Cotton as Chief Commercial Officer

OAKLAND, CA -- (Marketwired) -- 01/27/15 -- Aqua Metals, Inc. ("Aqua Metals" or the "Company"), a developer of an electrochemical refining process that has the potential to transform the $24 billion global lead industry, has appointed Steve Cotton as Chief Commercial Officer (CCO). 

Mr. Cotton comes to Aqua Metals as the co-founder and former CEO of Data Power Monitoring Corporation and IntelliBatt (Now Canara, Inc.), where he successfully grew it to over $20 million in annual revenues before being acquired in 2012 by Columbia Capital. Canara became the global leader for providing an innovative package of lead acid batteries, monitoring equipment and reliability and lifecycle management services for the data center industry with over 300 datacenters worldwide and a history of managing well over one million lead acid batteries.

"I am exceedingly pleased to have someone of Steve's breadth and depth of professional experience in the lead acid industry," said Dr. Stephen Clarke, Chairman and CEO of Aqua Metals. "He is exactly the caliber of seasoned industry veteran that Aqua Metals needs to guide us to our next phase of growth as a leader in the lead-acid battery recycling market. Further, he brings a solid reputation and deep base of contacts that will help us establish our materials supply, end product distribution channels, partnerships and brand."

Aqua Metals has developed a breakthrough technology called AquaRefining, which eliminates the inefficiencies, costs and toxic wastes associated with conventional smelter-based recycling of lead acid batteries. AquaRefining delivers a better product, at a higher yield, eliminates toxic waste, reduces permitting and is less expensive to build than smelting.

"The lead acid recycling industry has consistently been one of the most pollutive industries in the world," commented Cotton. "The founders of Aqua Metals have leveraged their relevant training, experience and expertise to re-invent the lead acid recycling process and move the $24 billion lead industry into the 21st century. I'm honored to join the leadership team at Aqua Metals and be part of a company that could positively transform the entire lead-acid battery recycling market."

About Aqua Metals, Inc.
Aqua Metals, Inc. has developed AquaRefining, which is a new approach to lead-acid battery recycling that is less expensive, more efficient and produces a purer product than conventional smelting. AquaRefining also eliminates all of the toxic waste issues generated by smelting. Aqua Metals has engineering offices in Oakland, California and is in the process of establishing commercial lead production AquaRefining facilities. For more information, please visit

Dr. Stephen R. Clarke
Chairman and CEO
Aqua Metals, Inc.
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Source: Aqua Metals Inc.